Best-selling Author Janice Holly Booth Offers Tips to Navigating Fear and Living a Fuller Life

Charlotte, North Carolina (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

Janice Holly Booth didn’t choose to travel alone; she did so by necessity when no-one would join her on an adventure outing to southern Utah where she’d decided to try canyoneering – an extreme sport involving ropes, harnesses and rappelling into mysterious, dark and potentially dangerous canyons. “It was my first experience with solo travel but definitely not my last,” she says. “I travelled alone for more than 10 years, having adventures that pushed me to the edge, and experienced first-hand the kind of fear that keeps us from pursuing our dreams.”

In her book,“Only Pack What You Can Carry,” Booth describes what she calls the four key essentials to life’s journey and why they’re so important to living a full and rich life: solitude; introspection; courage; and commitment. “Solitude and introspection are two states we rarely adopt willingly, yet they are crucial to figuring out what we want in life, and equally important, what we don’t want.”

In a lively hour-long radio interview on the Kim Power Stilson show — Sirius XM Radio 143 — Booth and her host discuss the courage needed to pursue one’s passions, the practical process of giving up one career for another, and various ways one can approach and navigate fear. “You don’t have to be a solo traveler or even a big risk-taker to benefit from the lessons I learned about fear,” says Booth. “Anyone, anywhere, in any situation, can apply these lessons to their own life, and benefit greatly from them.”

ABOUT JANICE HOLLY BOOTH: Born in British Columbia, Janice Holly Booth is an avid solo traveler and lifelong equestrienne. A former award-winning non-profit CEO, Booth is the author of two best-selling books: Only Pack What You Can Carry, a travel memoir published by National Geographic, and her most recent #1 best-seller, A Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer. She is a full-time writer and speaker, and currently lives near Charlotte, North Carolina where – between adventures – she is working on another book.

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