Infinity Incentive Group Reveals 3 Tips for an Incredible Scotland Vacation this Fall

Lake Havasu City, Arizona (PRWEB) October 08, 2014

Each and every year, travelers take advantage of the fall travel season to enjoy amazing destinations while the weather is pleasant, the crowds are small, and the prices are more budget-friendly. Many of these travelers will no doubt be headed to amazing destinations abroad where they can experience new cultures, food and fun far from home. One of the most beautiful destinations to enjoy no matter what the time of year is Scotland. Infinity Incentive Group highly recommends this beautiful country and all the excitement that it has to offer. For those who are planning a trip to Scotland this fall, here are some of the best ways to make the most of the trip.

1.    Ride the Jacobite Train: Train rides can be a fun experience, and they allow travelers to witness astounding views and the joy of a peaceful ride across the countryside. The Jacobite train starts at Ben Nevis and goes through a number of lovely spots before finally stopping in Mallaig. Travelers going to Scotland this month should be sure to catch the train rides before they end on October 24th.

2.    Visit the Isle of Mull: Those who want a truly unique vacation experience can visit the Isle of Mull and see the beautiful Glengorm castle that can be found there. The best part of a visit to this spot is that the castle is actually a hotel where visitors can enjoy the thrill of staying in such a lavish location while also enjoying top-notch service. Infinity Incentive Group knows that staying in Glengorm is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will give visitors plenty to brag about when they return home.

3.    See the Pools on the Isle of Skye: This Isle holds a number of pools and waterfalls that offer a magnificent chance to see the natural beauty of Scotland. With a backdrop of the breathtaking Cuillin Mountains, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a peaceful day in Scotland.

There are a number of amazing travel spots all over the world, but those who decide on Scotland for their next trip are sure to enjoy a vacation that is like none other. These amazing spots shared by Infinity Incentive Group are just a few of the amazing and unique attractions that the country offers. For more information on Infinity Incentive Group and its array of outstanding services visit




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