Lonely?! Get out there and travel the World!!

I recently came across this video The Innovation of Loneliness and it made me think. This world we live in is so far removed from our past it's unfathomable. We live in a society where you don't ever have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can order groceries right to your front door for chrissakes. There is limited physical contact anymore, most people rely on the internet for their social interaction. Whether this be through online chat rooms, Facebook, Twitter etc. Our Western culture breeds this idea of individuality, where every person is ranked based on their personal achievements and not how they've bettered the greater good. This is a flawed viewpoint and I believe the only way to change this perception is get out there in this big ole world we call home and go EXPLORING!!

Yes, I said it! Get up off your ass and go wandert!! Solo traveling is probably the single greatest thing you can do for personal growth. We need to get back to our roots of physical, human contact and away from all the Facebook & Twitters of the world.

Something magical happens when you first set out on a solo trip. There is something inherently terrifying about setting off into this world by yourself, but at the same time risk & fear make us stronger. You'll get over that initial fear pretty quick, but fear is a good thing. In my mind, if you aren't afraid of doing something then you aren't living! Fear is the single, greatest emotion we have. It lets us know we are alive! On the other hand sometimes listen to your fear. Life is all about risk taking, but take calculated risks. Life is way too damn short to worry about all the little things.

So get out there, go make mistakes, meet new people and CONNECT with your fellow man. You'll be surprised by what you learn about people and most importantly yourself. Even if your solo trip is a 5day trip to the next: town, state, country whatever it may be, get out there and explore.


Happy Travels


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