Safe Ride 4 Kids Donates Child Safety Restraints to Rocklin Public Safety Volunteers, Inc. for the Buckle Up Baby Program

CHANDLER, Ariz. (PRWEB) October 16, 2014

Safe Ride 4 Kids donated eight Ride Safer® Travel Vests and two Tummy Shields™ to Rocklin Public Safety Volunteers, Inc. for the Buckle Up Baby program.

The Buckle Up Baby program hosts car seat education and check-up events for the Rocklin, California community. It also provides child restraints to those in need. With this donation the Rocklin Public Safety Volunteers, Inc. will be able to keep eight more children safe while driving in addition to the two pregnant women who receive the Tummy Shield™ to protect the pregnant mothers and unborn child when driving while pregnant.

“Your product is going to revolutionize the car seat industry. It’s compact, sturdy, easy to use, and less expensive that traditional car seats,” James Brown of Rocklin Public Safety Volunteers, Inc. said of the Ride Safer® Travel Vest. “It is an unbelievable product that will provide the safety that all kids need and provide parents with the security that their young ones are fully safeguarded.”

Rocklin Public Safety Volunteers, Inc. is a non-profit whose purpose is to support law enforcement and public safety in the city of Rocklin, Calif., with CPR classes and car seat technicians.

“This is going to make a profound difference in the manner in which we transport our children,” said Brown.

Safe Ride 4 Kids is a team of Child Passenger Safety Technicians who came together to empower parents to keep their children safe during the most dangerous activity they are exposed to day in and day out — driving — by offering car safety education and innovative products.

While a traditional booster seat boosts a child up to make the child fit the vehicle’s seat belt, the RideSafer® is a child restraint which positions the seat belt down to correctly fit the child, allowing the child to remain in the vehicle seat. Sitting in the vehicle seat is not only more comfortable for the child than using a hard plastic booster but it also is safer. It has been found that children sitting in the vehicle seat have a lower center of mass which reduces their head excursion in the event of a crash.

The RideSafer® Travel Vest can be worn by children from 3 years old and 30 pounds up to 80 pounds, usually between 8 and 12 years of age. The vest meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FMVSS 213. Dynamic crash tests have proven that the multi‐layer energy absorbent foams and polyethylene laminates in the front panels of the RideSafer® Travel Vest coupled with the tri‐layer force absorbing tether clip, which stretches in an impact, reduces the crash forces transferred to the child’s body by as much as 50 percent. The shoulder belt guide is specially designed to bend during a crash so that it adds to the reduction of forces to the torso and further absorbs the energies during the crash.

The Tummy Shield™ is a crash tested seat belt positioning device for pregnant mothers that keeps the vehicle seat belt off the pregnant mother’s belly, making driving while pregnant much more comfortable. The Tummy Shield™ provides the added safety bonus of effectively minimizing the risk that the seat belt will intrude into the mom’s pregnant tummy in the event of a crash or sudden braking thereby helping protect baby and mom.

For more information on Safe Ride 4 Kids, RideSafer® Travel Vests or the Tummy Shield™, visit

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