The Past is Always Present – New Book Reveals Family History

Lincoln, Neb. (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

We all have pasts stretching far into the world; however, not all of us know our family history. Andrew Schultz, a writer and professor, has researched and explored his family heritage and brought it to life in his new novel, “Saints and Heroes.”

Schultz’s inspiration for the book was his mother’s background. She was a British war bride and a Menteith, one of the original seven ancient earldoms of Scotland. This inspired his interest in researching and learning more about his family line and the history of ancient Scotland.

“As she filled me with this family history, and from this I learned of its Celtic roots, its Norman connections and its long membership in the Graham family tree,” Schultz said.

In “Saints and Heroes,” Schultz explores Scottish history as his book follows the story of Anselm through the rugged Isle of Iona. Anselm has always been fascinated with all things biblical and historic and begins studying to be a priest. As he develops a friendship with Prince Malcolm Canmore, the novel quickly turns into a fast-paced adventure as they journey to establish Catholicism as the official religion of Scotland.

Schultz’s story reinforces the idea that even the most ordinary person can have a lasting impact on history if he remains true to his beliefs.

“I believe that people are heroic, that they can aspire to living heroic lives, and that by reading about people who prevail despite all evidence to the contrary, ordinary folk, like myself, can make their lives have significance,“ Schultz said.

“Saints and Heroes“

By: Andrew Schultz

ISBN: 978-0-59509-633-6 (sc); 978-1-46977-489-3 (e)

Softcover: $ 14.99

Ebook: $ 3.99

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iUniverse online bookstores

About the author

Andrew Schultz is a teacher, professor and writer who enjoys woodworking, reading, traveling and learning. He currently lives in Lincoln, Neb.

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